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Benefits of Volleyball

Every sport offers a lot of benefits for kids and their proper physical and mental development. Besides the skills such as self - confidence, respect, motivation, which are common for most of the sports, there are things that can be developed only by playing Volleyball. But, let's start from the top.

Volleyball is not a basic sport like gymnastics or athletics. That means a child can not start Volleyball early (4,5 years of age). The main reason is that Volleyball skills, such as finger passing, require kids' hands to be a certain size, so they can do it in the right way. Also, for some kids the ball can be heavy, even the one for kids volley. Having all this in mind, the earliest time to start Volleyball is 7 or 8 years of age. Most of the kids find their sport by that age already, which makes it really hard to Volleyball. But, that is not the subject of this article today, so let's keep things rolling.

Social Skills

Social skills are a really important aspect of every sport. Volleyball is not an exception. There are a number of social skills every kid can learn during Volleyball training sessions.

The first on that list is - respecting the rules. Volleyball has defined and strict rules in every segment of the game. That helps kids to understand that boundaries exist and that has to be respected - in sport, but in life, too.

Another thing that develops by playing volleyball is responsibility. Coming to every training session and doing every session to the maximum of your abilities makes the person responsible. Playing in a team and acting the best possible way during that play, carries responsibilities to the teammates.

The next on our list would be emotional skill. It is actually, from our point of view, a set of skills that helps the person to overcome different experiences that this game carries. Like in every sport, in Volleyball as well there are wins and losses. The way kids respond to it, is the way they will respond to life experiences tomorrow. A good coach is really helpful here and can teach kids about anger management and how to handle disappointment and stress. But, to develop this skill properly requires parents' involvement, too. They can help by coming to their child games, watching and then talking about the game after. Especially if they feel their child got too emotional about what happened there. Of course, parents should be involved to a certain degree , not too much. At the end of the day, it is just a sport.

One more thing on the list of social skills is confidence. Confidence is really important in the game of Volleyball. So every good coach will work on that aspect with his players. It is crucial in this segment that a coach can identify a player with lack of confidence and help this person with a set of drills which will boost players' confidence over time. Being confident in yourself is helpful later on in life, too.

Last, but not least on the list of social skills is teamwork. This is a crucial social skill for life, which can't be developed in individual sports such as swimming, gymnastics, tennis, etc. While playing Volleyball kids will make strong bonds with their teammates, which will easily become a long life friendship. They will also learn how to cooperate with other individuals and resolve issues together.

All these skills mentioned above can be developed properly only if the coach is experienced and educated in working with the most vulnerable members of our community - kids. Our team has all necessary certificates in working with kids and we keep educating ourselves every day.

Physical Development

In today's modern way of life kids physical activity is reduced to a minimum. That makes a threat on a child's health, mostly because of obesity caused by long sitting and lack of activity. The best way to prevent that is physical activity. Volleyball is a really active type of sport which includes all the players during the game.

Another potential problem caused by the modern way of life is bad posture. Long hours in sitting position can cause serious spine deformity such as kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis, etc. To prevent that, it is crucial to choose an adequate sport. Volleyball is the sport in which body posture is always correct and the spine is not bent while playing. There is evidence that volleyball can even fix some mild spine deformities. Also, Volleyball develops all extremities and muscles in the same volume. For example, in sports like soccer or tennis, lower extremities and leg muscles are developed more than arms and shoulders. The others, like gymnastics, develop the upper body more than lower. By playing Volleyball a person has to use both - lower and upper body - which makes all the muscles developing simultaneously.

In Conclusion

As you can see from above, Volleyball can offer more than it looks at first. It is not the most popular sport on the planet, but it has a number of benefits that other, more popular sports, can't offer. And, with an educated, committed and experienced coaching staff, like Inner West Volley coaches certainly are, this lovely sport can be a really nice life experience for kids.

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